Michalis Nourloglou

He adds his imagination without lose their harmony. He uses simple materials and brings out flavors and aromas of Greece and Mediterranean with the discretion that requires a balanced and delicate meaty taste.

He likes to experiment with materials and does not lose the opportunity to surprise even himself with the combinations of materials and original performances. Facing the new Greek cuisine as a creative proposal for the adaptation of classic recipes.

Awarded with «Xrysos Skoufos» Chef Michael Nourloglou worked beside Jerome Serres in «Pil-Poul» and «Spondi» and has also trained in 2star Michelin «La Bastide Saint Antoine »(Grass) and «Geranium» (Copenhagen) and next the top pastry chef Pierre Herme.

In the summer of 2015, showed the international TV production «The Cooking Odyssey», in America. In his spare time, you will find him in a basketball court, or on a bike somewhere in Athens. He loves to cook with his daughter and listens carefully her comments.